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why should i create an event?

Cultural, social and service events help to build community and connections in every neighborhood. Gatherings and events provide an opportunity to join and meet others where you live, and with fun activities happening every day in New York City, there is never a shortage of activities to enjoy together. 

what kind of event can i create? 

Events should be welcoming for anyone attending and should encourage community formation, service and/or cultural renewal in New York City.

Ideas include: 

  • Watching an outdoor movie in the park 
  • Starting a team in a sports league
  • Picnic and games in the park 
  • Attending free hours at a museum 
  • Volunteer gardening on a Saturday morning 
  • Trying a new restaurant 
  • Organizing a cooking class 

A staff member of Redeemer Presbyterian Church will approve all events and reserves the right to decline an event if it does not align with the vision and values of East Side Neighborhoods. 

how do i create an event? 

  1. Come up with an event idea that you want to organize and host – hosting means sending details to registered attendees about the event and setting a designated meeting location to gather together. 
  2. Fill out the form below – no personal information provided in the form will be shared. 
  3. A Redeemer Presbyterian Church staff member will review your submission and let you know if your event is approved or if there are any questions/concerns. 
  4. Following approval, your event will be posted in your neighborhood's event section for people to sign up. 
  5. Best practices for a successful gathering and a list of individuals who have signed up will be sent to you so you can provide details and a meeting location as the event draws closer. 

Create an event where you live

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Hosting means you will be the organizer of the event and will send details to registered attendees, as well as set a designated meeting location. If you do not want to host, then your event will not be posted for registrations but will be posted as an idea for an event in the neighborhood. Once someone offers to lead it, it will open for registration.

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